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AWS Premier Consulting Partner


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most developed cloud platform, providing a wide range of options. Businesses can meet the very specific requirements of their initial cloud workload thanks to the flexibility given by this variety of options. As the most popular public cloud infrastructure platform, AWS can handle the most demanding requirements, serving more than 40% of application workloads in the public cloud.

1Byte is an AWS Consulting Partner that offers security-conscious organizations proven deployment frameworks and established design patterns to help them unlock innovation, accelerate velocity, and adopt cloud at scale.

AWS Services Implemented
Enterprise Applications Migrated to Cloud
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Migration Competency

1Byte specializes in helping businesses migrate their applications and workloads from physical data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms. The firm supports clients in assessing cost-benefit ratios and establishing organizational goals. Applications are then re-hosted, replatformed, or terminated based on the client's capabilities, timeframes, and overall IT strategy.

Migration Competency
Read how we migrated the production environment of an online foreign exchange company from their datacentre to AWS

DevOps Competency

Our highly educated DevOps experts have nearly ten years of AWS experience and are committed to delivering business solutions that help organizations move forward in a split-second world.

DevOps Competency

We engage with clients’ teams to fully understand business drivers and provide high-speed application delivery frameworks to facilitate software development. DevOps is both a science and an art that aims to:

  • Automate application delivery to decrease friction.
  • Immutable workloads and infrastructure as code eliminate long-term technological debt, ensuring transparency and consistency.
  • Integrate your organization's risk, compliance, and security postures into DevOps.
  • Organizational risk, compliance, and security postures should be incorporated into DevOps-friendly pipelines from the outset, rather than as an afterthought.

To ensure that our clients benefit from the most recent technology developments, we continue to work closely with our major strategic partners including AWS.

Financial Services Capabilities

1Byte, in cooperation with AWS, aids financial institutions (FIs) in enhancing velocity, accelerating innovation, and reducing costs. We have a unique understanding of the industry's security and governance requirements due to our expertise in financial services. One of our strengths is a considerable body of work in CCoE advisory, DevOps enablement, workload migration, and data intelligence.

Furthermore, our developed best practices and intellectual property (IP), such as our Cloud at Scale Foundations curriculum, provide proven approaches and a platform for transitioning traditionally data center-focused financial institutions into innovation-driven, cloud-based organizations.

Financial Services Capabilities

Success Stories on AWS

1Byte has been delivering successful large-scale cloud transformation programs on AWS to enterprises since 2021.