Customize your Cloud Server

Choose your server which meets your needs.
No matter which plan you choose, you can count on us for reliability, privacy, security, and a stress-free experience.

Cloud Features

Get your domain name and everything else you need
Access 3 Times Faster

Access 3 Times Faster

Our servers are located within Cambodia provide amazing speed and performance.
Gigabit bandwidth

Gigabit bandwidth

Experience seamless connectivity
Upgrade in the blink of an eye

Upgrade in the blink of an eye

Feel free to scale your server up or down with our vertical scaling feature with just a few clicks and flexible price tags.
Full Control, Remote Control

Full Control, Remote Control

Access from afar through our advanced remote control user interface with full desktop experience.
Instant Server Initialization

Instant Server Initialization

With just a few minutes you can have your cloud server up and running without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.
Proactive Web-Based Tool

Proactive Web-Based Tool

1Byte’s web-based tool allows you to install, reinstall, upgrade and even switch to any Operating System that you wish. If you're fed up with working on the command line. It's now a one-click process to gain access to a Cloud Server via a Desktop Graphical Interface.

Top use cases for Cloud Server

Powerful infrastructures capable of delivering applications, processing and storing data
Website hostings & e-commerce
Thanks to full root-access, you may now install a wide variety of frameworks, including Opencart, Shopify, Wordpress and so on. If your current web hosting is a letdown or simply not keeping up with your huge growing traffic, it might be time to consider switching into a Cloud Server.
Education & Training
Gaming Server
Application testing & deployment

Client Testimonials

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Partnership & Alliances

Rapaciously morph transparent internal or sources whereas resource sucking e-business.

Conveniently innovate formulate clicks-and-mortar manufactured products compelling internal.


Awards & Recognition

Celebrate our commitment to excellence and innovation through a showcase of our notable achievements and accolades.
Announcing the 2023 AWS Partner Award Winners in ASEAN
AWS Partner of the Year
(Emerging Markets) – Cambodia
1Byte Recognized as Cambodia's Premier Cloud Service Provider
1Byte has made significant strides as Cambodia's top cloud service provider
1Byte: Leading the Charge in Digital Transformation
1Byte's innovative solutions have transformed how we do business

Customize Your Cloud Server With Our Service

With the best technology in South East Asia, 1Byte becomes the best Cloud Server provider for your business. With the price starting from $8.99 a month, you can customize your own server using 1Byte's service. Our Cloud Server includes Instant Server Initialization, Proactive Web-Based Tool, Gigabit bandwidth... which promises a reliability, privacy, security, and a stress-free experience for our customers

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