How Much Do Software Developers Make?

Being a software developer is often considered a high skill profession. It is a rather demanding occupation for those aspiring to be. It may not be as top notch as software engineers, but working as a software developer usually has higher salary than some professional careers. So how much do software developers make? What are the factors that contribute to their annual salary level? Why do they receive higher salary than many other fields of work?

1. Salary of software developers by region

Currently, the United States stands top in terms of median salary of software developers, followed by Europe, Asia and Australia. However in the United States, annual salary also varies depending on state. So first let’s look at how much does software developers make in the United States.

For instance, software developers in California enjoy the highest annual salary in the United States at an average of $110,000. This is largely due to the concentration of major tech companies and startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meanwhile, in other areas such as Texas, North & South Dakota and Michigan, this figure is only around $65,000 to nearly $100,000.

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US Software Developer Salary By Region.

Australia, being the second place, comes in nearly 22% less at $90,000. Another hub for technology, Western Europe, shows a median of $60,000 (roughly the amount in Midwest U.S); Eastern Europe as a major IT outsourcing hub in the world shows only a modest $28,000.

There are many factors that have affected to software developers salary. For example, someone who earns $28,000 a year can afford much in Europe, but not in California. These factors will be discussed below.

2. Factors that contribute to how much do software developers make

First, we need to consider the cost of living which is the most important factor. In states like the California and New York in the U.S, the cost of living is consistently among the most expensive in the world. Therefore, it is understandable that software developers in Boston and Los Angeles make about $15,000 or $20,000 more a year than in other regions as more income is in higher demand.

So how much do software developers make in Australia and New Zealand? Similarly, Australia and New Zealand, being among the top most expensive countries in the world pay their software developers more than other regions, and thus their annual salary comes second after the U.S.

Secondly, company size. Normally the formula is that the larger the company is, the more it pays its employees. For instance, major tech corporations with employees exceeding the number of 10,000 like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Symantec provide annual salary to their software developers at a fixed above-$100,000 amount, sometimes reaching as high as $130,000. Comparably, smaller companies with less than 10,000 usually pay software developers at around $75,000-$91,000 a year.

Thirdly, education and experience affect significantly with how much software developers make regardless of company size. There are certain job positions in tech companies that demand higher qualifications, provide stiffer challenges and require higher educational standards. For instance, more cutting-edge jobs such as software engineers often accompany with a Master’s degree in job requirements, or even a PhD. if necessary.

Also, aspirants who traveled abroad to study about software development and obtained a Master’s degree or just a Bachelor’s degree in this field may earn more than those without those degrees.

How much do software developers make? Still up to where you live in.

3. Why software developer is considered a high-income job compared to other careers

If other professional careers yield a high income, then software developers nonetheless deserve a respected spot among them. Why is that?

Software developers encompass skills which are difficult for many to master. It does not just include basic requirements such as problem solving and team working; rather, it takes every bit of a person to have the thinking of a detective, the mind of an inventor, the imagination of an artist, the expertise of a programmer and coder, the logic of a mathematician and the technical understanding of an engineer to become a software developer.

The artist may mingle with visuals, are right-brained with limitless imagination and creativity, while the engineer is rigid, fixed, and firm. They obey the formulas. A software developer on the other hand needs both the creativity of an artist and the discipline and logic of an engineer. Because software development requires both. Normally it is very rare to find a software developer claiming to have mastered both, but major tech corporations tend to seek those who have.

In conclusion, software developer is a decent job in terms of salary for those who wish to follow it. But bear in mind the interfering factors just as geography, company size and experience. Those will determine how much do software developers make. Since choosing where to start a career in software development determines everything else in the long run to become a master developer.

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